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  1. 0950152U (Untreated)

    An old timer prized for its incredible flavor. Large, pink fruits, potato leafed indeterminate plant type.
  2. 0950104U (Untreated)

    An heirloom Amish variety dating back to 1885. Deep red fruits are firm and clear-skinned. Large indeterminate plant type. Excellent flavor.
  3. 0950399M (Treated, Pellet)

    Heavy set balanced throughout the plant. High yield potential. Medium plant with limited to no pruning required. Great for vine‐ripe or for mature green gassing.

    Disease Resistant Codes TYLCV Vd Aal Fol Ss

  4. 0950050M (Treated, Pellet)

    Cocktail‐cherry size with excellent firmness and long shelf life staked. Outdoor or greenhouse production. Fruit grows in clusters.

    Disease Resistant Codes TMV Vd Fol

  5. 0950046UM (Untreated, Pellet)

    A beautiful tangerine-colored tomato that is highly tolerant to graywall. Jointed pedicel, very small blossom scar. High yield potential.

    Disease Resistant Codes Va Vd Fol

  6. 0950377 (Treated)

    Robust purple beefsteak with rich flavor.
  7. 0950378 (Treated)

    Bite-sized hybrid cherry heirloom with striped red and dark green colored fruit. Highly productive with heavy yields and disease resistance. Rich, robust flavor with excellent appearance.

    Disease Resistant Codes For Ma Mj Mi TMV

  8. 0950373M (Treated, Pellet)

    Main season variety that exhibits outstanding yield, quality, and disease package. Uniform, very firm, thick walled fruit on a medium, strong vine provides an excellent canopy making this variety fit into a wide range of growing regions.

    Disease Resistant Codes TYLCV Fol Ss TSWV

  9. 0950387M (Treated, Pellet)

    Widely adapted with excellent quality and yield potential. Productive plants produce uniform, smooth, extra large fruit with good color, firmness and shelf life.

    Disease Resistant Codes TYLCV Mi Vd Fol

  10. 0950105U (Untreated)

    Huge scarlet fruit, excellent slicer. Smooth and solid, seldom cracks, small cavities, with great flavor.

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