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  1. 0950304UM (Untreated, Pellet)

    Suitable for Southeast U.S. region. Strong vines with firm fruit. Sets good sized fruit on both top and bottom of plant.
  2. 0950337UM (Untreated, Pellet)

    Great eating quality! Good plant coverage, significantly low incidence of environmental factors such as gray wall and blotchiness. Proven gassing capabilities.

    Disease Resistant Codes Va Vd TYLCV Fol

  3. 0950278U (Untreated)

    Excellent, uniform size and shape with good firmness. Very strong bush with good cover.

    Disease Resistant Codes TSWV V

  4. 0950322UM (Untreated, Pellet)

    A determinate hot set grape that produces heavy concentrated yields of very firm fruit with great shelf life.

    Disease Resistant Codes TSWV Fol

  5. 0950350EM (Treated, Primed, Pellet)

    Strong plant with an extensive disease package. Firm fruit with deep red color make it excellent for vine ripe and mature green markets.
  6. 0950040U (Untreated)

    Vigorous growing, very small blossom end scar. Medium-short internodes. Green shoulders.
  7. 0950201U (Untreated)

    Red and yellow skin and flesh color. Huge fruit, fruity flavor, beautiful sliced. Ripens August and September in the North.
  8. 0950223U (Untreated)

    An heirloom from the Amana Colonies in Iowa. The bright orange, very meaty fruit are known for their wonderful, yet mild, flavor and high yields.
  9. 0950341EM (Treated, Primed, Pellet)

    Featuring excellent size, yield and quality blossom ends. Produces deep oblate, smooth, uniform fruit on a vigorous plant.

    Disease Resistant Codes ToMV TYLCV TSWV Aal Fol Ss V

  10. 0940031U (Untreated)

    Smooth, firm fruits on compact plants.

    Disease Resistant Codes Va Vd Aal Fol

  11. 0950304U (Untreated)

    Suitable for Southeast U.S. region. Strong vines with firm fruit. Sets good sized fruit on both top and bottom of plant.

    Disease Resistant Codes TSWV Fol

  12. 0950330 (Treated)

    Golden grape tomato with excellent flavor. Vigorous plant, great fruit set, and high yields. Excellent cracking resistance and outstanding shelf life.

    Disease Resistant Codes Fol

  13. 0950221M (Treated, Pellet)

    Very unique appearance with desirable size, shape, color, and flavor. High in sugars and lycopene for sweet taste and health benefits.
  14. 0950224 (Treated)

    Large fruit remain green when ripe! A hint of yellow and pink blush on blossom end tell you these delicious, sweet, spicy tomatoes are ready to pick.
  15. 0950361UM (Untreated, Pellet)

    Excellent fruit quality! Attractive, smooth, uniform fruit with high yields. Good plant vigor, cover, and concentrated set. Wide adaptability and consistent performance. Added value through resistance to TSWV and Fusarium race 3.
  16. 0940013U (Untreated)

    An early slicer tomato that produces well throughout the season.
  17. 0950094UM (Untreated, Pellet)

    A better choice in the Southeast with Fol(1,2,3) and For resistance. Uniform green shoulders and tight blossom ends. Outstanding yields.

    Disease Resistant Codes Va Vd For Fol Ss

  18. 0950212UM (Untreated, Pellet)

    TSWV resistant version of Mountain Spring. Developed by NCSU. It produces mostly large and extra large fruit with refined blossom end and smooth shoulders.
  19. 0950260U (Untreated)

    This hybrid heirloom type is indeterminate with potato leaf vines. Excellent cover! Beautiful pinkish red fruit that taste terrific.
  20. 0950057UM (Untreated, Pellet)

    A premium, extra firm cherry tomato that holds, packs and ships better than others. High yields.

    Disease Resistant Codes Pst Fol V Ps Et

  21. 0950104U (Untreated)

    An heirloom Amish variety dating back to 1885. Deep red fruits are firm and clear-skinned. Large indeterminate plant type. Excellent flavor.
  22. 0950125UM (Untreated, Pellet)

    Great size, shape and uniformity. A big tomato that is firm and high yielding with the added benefit of resistance to fusarium crown rot.
  23. 0950136UM (Untreated, Pellet)

    Large, deep-blocky globe roma with a very strong bush and outstanding disease package. Pruning not recommended.

    Disease Resistant Codes TSWV Fol V

  24. 0950139U (Untreated)

    Great taste and flavor! High yielding, high quality tomato for vine-ripe production or roadside stands. Excellent for use in high tunnels.
  25. 0950139UM (Untreated, Pellet)

    Great taste and flavor! High yielding, high quality tomato for vine-ripe production or roadside stands. Excellent for use in high tunnels.

    Disease Resistant Codes ToMV Cracking Fol V

  26. 0950157UM (Untreated, Pellet)

    Improved red color, firmness and uniformity of size and shape over BHN 268, from first to last harvest.

    Disease Resistant Codes Fol V

  27. 0950164UM (Untreated, Pellet)

    Great disease package perfect for the Southeastern U.S. Recommended for Spring, gas green or vine ripe production. Good, firm fruit with uniform green shoulders.

    Disease Resistant Codes TSWV Fol V

  28. 0950188U (Untreated)

    This large, unique gold to fully matured tangerine-colored roma tomato will catch the low acid eyes of every potential buyer. Big, beautiful, fantastic yields and great taste.
  29. 0950198UM (Untreated, Pellet)

    Very large, exceptional consistent quality. Tangerine-colored round tomato. The best we have seen.

    Disease Resistant Codes ToMV For Fol V

  30. 0950216UM (Untreated, Pellet)

    Determinate plant type that has greater capability to set fruit in hot conditions. Excellent size, shape and attractive red color.

    Disease Resistant Codes Fol Heat

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