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  1. Category: Pepper
  2. Plant Characteristics: Vigorous, Continuous Setting
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  1. 0750380 (Treated)

    Widely adapted throughout the Eastern USA and Canada. Thick walled with large, blocky fruit. Extensive disease package including multiple races of BLS and tolerant to Phytophthora.

    Disease Resistant Codes Pc TM Xcv

  2. 0750556 (Treated)

    Produce a high set of firm, dark green, smooth, deep blocky anthocyaninless fruits. Ideal for the spring and fall season.

    Disease Resistant Codes TM TSWV Xcv

  3. Plants set a tremendous number of larger more uniform fruit than open-pollinated Romanian sweet types. Consistantly large, thick-walled and attractive light yellow color. Note: This variety may display some genetic diversity.

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