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  1. 0380005 (Treated)

    Improved Vates type with more uniformity and high yields.
  2. 0380008 (Treated)

    Known for having large, heavy leaves, true blue-green color, and tasty, non-bitter flavor. Tolerant to heat and cold. Slow bolting.
  3. 0380010 (Treated)

    Similar to Top Bunch. Upright Georgia plant habit with slightly‐savoyed, bluegreen leaves. Works for fresh market and for processing. Very fast regrowth, excellent yield potential.
  4. 0380002 (Treated)

    Availability: Crop Fail
    Vigorous growth and uniformity. Fast growing, upright variety. Fresh market and processing.
  5. 0380004 (Treated)

    Durable with heavy yields. Widely adapted.

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