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  1. A vigorous Romanesco hybrid with a very healthy plant. High, dark-green, medium-pointed curd with good quality in Spring, Fall and Winter. Bred to handle the heat!

  2. Super uniform CMS-hybrid green cauliflower. It is the first true green caulifower that can be grown through the summer without excessive hairiness and bracting. Heavy heads are uniform in size and shape.
  3. New

    Very large, dense and white colored head. Self wrapping plant. Ability to tolerate hot harvest conditions.
  4. 0300049

    One of the earliest varieties that still has self wrapping tendencies. Excellent flavor!

  5. Novelty cauliflower with an attractive orange curd with elevated levels of beta-carotene. Not heat tolerant.

  6. Great color and flavor. Best served raw or steamed. Adding a few drops of lemon to the water helps prevent color fading when cooked.
  7. 0300039

    Produces a very smooth, white, and dense head, allowing for more weight with the same head size. Heat tolerant.
  8. 0300032

    Tight, protective inner wraps help boost packouts of excellent quality, dense white heads.
  9. 0300026

    Excellent weight and curd quality. Brilliant white, uniform heads with good weight. Widely adapted.
  10. 0300014

    Widely adapted, easy to grow. Concentrated maturity. Heavy, attractive heads. Warm to cool harvest.

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