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  1. New
    0860132 (Treated)

    High quality, thick, dark green leaves with good uniformity. Excellent leaf characteristics and prostrate cotyledons. Improved visual appeal, presentation, and shelf life when packed.

    Disease Resistant Codes Pfs

  2. New
    0800094 (Treated)

    Excellent shape, uniformity, and white internal quality with attractive dark red skin. Very high recovery and slow to pith. Ideal for multi‐purpose bunch or cello.
  3. New
    0800098 (Treated)

    Unique watermelon type radish. Rosy pink interior, white exterior with excellent color contrast. Recommended for summer plantings and fall harvest. Mild radish flavor with crisp, juicy texture. Upright bright green tops with strong attachment. ...
  4. New
    0160165 (Treated)

    Mid‐early dark green bean, 3‐4 sieve with pods sitting high in the plant. Very good heat tolerance and concentrated setting.

    Disease Resistant Codes Pss Ua Cl BCMV

  5. New
    0670183 (Treated)

    Uniform, round bulbs with good skin retention. Exceptionally strong root system for an early variety. Good yield potential across a range of production areas.

    Disease Resistant Codes Pt Foc

  6. New
    0670180 (Treated)

    Long day yellow Spanish‐type onion. Slow to bolt, has potential to produce jumbo sized bulbs with good roots.

    Disease Resistant Codes Pt Foc

  7. New
    0670179 (Treated)

    Excellent size and yield. Produces large globe shaped bulbs with attractive medium dark brown skin.

    Disease Resistant Codes Pt Foc

  8. New
    0160177T (Cruiser or equivalent)

    A true 2 sieve size french filet with long, thin pods. Seed development is slow and has a long shelf life. Excellent disease package.

    Disease Resistant Codes Psp Pss Ua Cl BCMV

  9. New
    0720059 (Treated)

    Large creamy white seeds in a green pod. Plants are low and bushy. Easy shelling pea with high yields and delicious flavor.
  10. New
    0720062U (Untreated)

    High yielding bush type. Pods concentrated high on plants.
  11. New
    0160144T (Cruiser or equivalent)

    Availability: Sold Out
    Exceptional eating quality enhanced by low fiber. Upright bush habit. Widely adapted. New standard for Romano-type beans.
  12. New
    0160173T (Cruiser or equivalent)

    Very straight, smooth, stringless pods. Exceptional flavor. Sturdy plant. Dark purple pods turn green when cooked.

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